Stoichiometry Board Game

The Great Mole Race is a game in which players answer stoichiometry problems with varying levels of difficulty in order to “dig” the longest “tunnel”.

Science Class Banoffee "Pi"

Pie recipe that incorporates gas laws, colligative properties (boiling point elevation), and emulsions. Great activity for pi day.

Significant Figures QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Significant figures review activity appropriate for middle or high school physical science, chemistry, or physics

How Long Would You Have to Yell to Heat Your Cup of Coffee?

Thermal energy activity appropriate for a high school chemistry or physics class

Balancing Redox Reactions Worksheet

Worksheet reverses the traditional classroom roles. Students are given a correctly balanced equation and must figure out and explain the individual steps.

Jeopardy-esque PowerPoint Review Game

Review game template.

How Many Cheeseburgers So You Need to Eat to Row Across the Ocean?

Thermodynamics activity appropriate for an upper middle school or high school math, physical science, or chemistry class


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