Working With You to Create Innovative, Effective, and Creative Learning Environments

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I'm Alex - a hot drink lover, serial learner, dreamer and planner, and home reno junkie.

I am passionate about:

  • Integrating art, music, and the humanities into science classrooms

  • Crafting lessons that engage our most gifted learners

  • Equipping and encouraging new teachers to succeed in their classrooms


My dream for YCH is to provide the support, information, materials, and resources that you need to be successful in your careers, from the nitty gritty basics of teaching that you may or may not have learned prior to your teaching career, to the sophisticated musings of educational psychology. I want to create a community full of positive, passionate, and educated teachers. I want you, regardless of your years (or days!) teaching to feel confident every single time you step into your classroom.


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