Significant Figures QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Significant figures review activity appropriate for a middle or high school physical science, physics, or chemistry class


  • Students, in groups of three or four, search to find 10 QR codes that the instructor has hidden. They use a QR code reader app to scan the codes and view the question. The first group to answer all 10 questions correctly wins a prize that the instructor specifies. 


  • 10 QR Codes printed and laminated (see downloadable link above)

  • One cell phone per group (with QR code reader app)


  • The day before doing the scavenger hunt, let students know that they will be allowed to use their phone (if they are not typically permitted to bring it to class), and instruct them to download a QR code reader before coming to class. I use "QR Code Reader" with my Android, but any QR reader will work.

  • Before hiding the codes, you may want to number them and write down where you hid them. I have lost a few codes because I failed to do this!

  • Hide the codes.

  • You may need to instruct your students to leave the QR codes where they found them (I have had some students hide them in a different location or keep a code with them so other groups will not be able to find it).

  • I assign my students into groups evenly distributed based on ability (and cell phone availability) and instruct them that the group who completes the scavenger hunt first with ALL the correct answers will win (something exciting)! Since they only need one phone per group, this prevents students who do not have smart phones from feeling left out.


The first group to find and answer all QR codes correctly wins! 


This time required for this activity depends on how well you hide the QR codes as well as your students' confidence in answering these questions. I typically allot 30-45 minutes to complete this activity. If students complete the scavenger hunt early, you can use the time to go over the answers and announce the winner.

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