Instructional Coaching

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As a teacher in a Christian school, I observed a critical gap in the support and education of new teachers. Many of these incoming teachers lack formal teacher training, and those who have received training are often overwhelmed by the magnitude of responsibilities that greet them as they begin their teaching career.

The position of "instructional coach," a common position in most public schools, is often absent from private, Christian schools. This is the void that I am hoping to fill. I am opening my instructional coaching program to a small number of new teachers in order to help them be successful and confident as soon as they enter their classroom.

My Qualifications
  • Bachelor of Arts - Chemistry with an emphasis on Secondary Science Education 

  • Masters of Education 

  • Academic or Intellectually Gifted Licensure 

  • NC State Teaching License

  • Google Certified Teacher - Level 1

What do these services include?

Coaching includes a myriad of services that will be tailored to suit the specific needs of your teachers and the mission of your school. Some examples include:

  • Guidance and assistance in preparing for the school year

  • Strategies to utilize technology to create innovative learning environments

  • Assistance in appropriately differentiating lessons and activities to meet the learning needs of all students

  • Suggestions on how to create effective lesson plans that promote higher order thinking skills

  • Strategies to engage student's prior knowledge and tips for scaffolding learning

  • Creating unbiased assessments 

  • Help in class website creation and maintenance

  • Biblical lesson integration

  • Classroom management discussions and guidance

  • Support while adjusting to a new school culture and expectations

  • Suggestions on maintaining positive student and parent relationships

  • Technological support and suggestions during syllabus creation

Practically, what would a standard month look like?

  • Weekly webcam conversation (approximately 30 - 45 minutes) to discuss upcoming activities or reflect on previous lessons or strategies

  • Available for daily questions or advice (proofread email responses to parents, discuss minor classroom management issues, quick discussions on how to differentiate an upcoming lesson, etc)

  • Bi-weekly / monthly observed lesson (included instructions on how to record and privately share) and feedback on specific teacher identified goals

  • Monthly, group webinars on teacher selected topics (how to evaluate a lesson's effectiveness, integrating technology in innovative ways, how to prepare for final exams, etc)

Services can be adjusted to meet your school's specific needs and budget.

How would a school benefit from hiring an online instructional coach?

Teachers will feel supported and encouraged - Thus, increasing teacher retention and job satisfaction

Teachers will have a mentor in a non-administrative position - A buffer is created between the teacher and the administration allowing the teacher to feel more comfortable sharing their struggles and questions

Teachers are less likely to focus on the negative aspects of their job by being provided with an outside prospective - Encouraging a more positive atmosphere

Administrators can outsource the role of "new teacher coach" and focus on their multiple other responsibilities

Please reach out if you are interested in collaborating in the creation of a program that fits your specific needs and budget.

Yes! I'm interested - Let's get in touch.
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